What happens on the fourth day?

What happens on the fourth day?

Dragon Ball

December is Dragon Month at Fourth-day.  We’ll provide an example a day of these magnificent creatures.  Today’s dragon is as much a MacGuffin as he is a character:  Shenlong, of the popular Japanese anime, manga, and film series Dragon Ball.


The Dragon God


The Dragon Ball franchise will see its 30th anniversary next year, having begun as a weekly-published comic adventure series, evolving into a manga and television series, from there into several animated and live action films, video and card games, and even an online roleplaying game in parts of Asia.  The main characters, including the hero Goku, fight mystical villains, some of whom become his allies, all in a quest to obtain the seven legendary Dragon Balls.


When collected together, the Dragon Balls will summon Shenlong, a dragon of great power who will grant the one who has gathered them one wish.  After the wish is granted, the balls will scatter again.  There are limits on the wishes, but not many.  Basically, Shenlong can be considered a sort of dragon genie, though the analogy is a bit inexact.


Stephen Monteith has one wish; for all of you to buy his original fiction whenever it is published.  You can find it all at Lulu.com.

One Response to Dragon Ball

  1. The Honest Trailer folks just came out with a…treatment of the live action “Dragon Ball Evolution” movie. What a coincidence.


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