What happens on the fourth day?

What happens on the fourth day?

  • Zombie Month: Black Lanterns

    This October is Zombie Month at Fourth-day Universe.  Each day, we’ll bring you a new example of these mostly creepy, sometimes charming creatures.  The fourth week is Revenants, zombies brought back to life with one thing on their undead minds:  revenge.  While there are plenty of undead characters in the DC Comics universe, the best example of a zombie apocalypse comes in the form of the Black Lantern Corps.


    Lantern-Corps-Rings-dc-comics-16567321-800-400 (image credit -


    Everyone who knows comics knows of the Green Lantern Corps; well, they know Green Lantern, at least.  Not many people know why they’re “green”, though, or that there is a whole spectrum of Corps.  There are, in fact, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Indigo, and Violet, all seven colors.  Each Corps is powered by a different emotion.  The Green Lanterns and their rings are powered by “will”, Sinestro’s Yellow Lanterns use fear, and so forth.  The Black Lanterns, though, are powered by death, and their Corps seeks to eliminate all life in the universe.


    The Black Lantern Corps may not count as true revenants, since it’s technically the rings, their central “Power Battery”, and the dark hand behind it all who want revenge and not the Lanterns themselves (or don’t they?).  They certainly act like revenants, though.  The superheroes who are risen from the dead are chosen for their darkness in life, their unrequited anger, and their ability to turn that anger on the still-living heroes who face them.  Characters who were truly at peace in life can’t be “recruited” in death.  And defeating them is neither as simple as a headshot nor as straightforward as resolving their “unfinished business”.  The Blackest Night crossover event in DC Comics was more about the extermination of all life than it was about revenge.  So, yeah, it’s not a perfect revenant example; but it sure is cool.


    The only thing scarier than Batman is Zombie Batman.


    Stephen Monteith apologizes for making you scream in terror at Zombie Batman.  Read some of his original fiction at to take your minds of it.

  • Hoverboards, How Do They Work?

    Have you seen any of the Back to the Future movies?  How about Star Wars or Star Trek?  Or that awful Street Fighter movie?  Or The Jetsons?  You know what these all have in common?  Hover-technology.  And there exists a Kickstarter campaign to make it a (practical) reality.  Though “Hendo Hoverboards” is technically a project devoted to making a working hoverboard, the Hendersons claim the technology can be applied on any scale.


    Hendo Hoverboard (image credit -


    It’s very technical, and I hate to say it breaks down to clever use of magnets.  You can visit their Kickstarter page, as well as their website, if you want more details.  For now, all you need to know is it’s cool, it’s cutting edge, and for $10,000, you can own one of the first hoverboards in existence; and just in time for Marty’s fight with Griff and his gang.


    Stephen Monteith can’t even ride a normal skateboard, but if he had an extra ten grand, then he’d definitely donate.  Help him raise the money by buying his original fiction at

  • A Live-Action “Static Shock” Show?

    Statictv (image credit - if the current Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine series and the forthcoming iZombie, Supergirl, and Teen Titans adaptations didn’t ensure DC would pretty much dominate the live-action television field, we know now that Warner Bros. is ordering a live version of the popular Static Shock series.  The show centered around a young African-American named Virgil Ovid Hawkins who had the power to control electromagnetism.  His animated series lasted for four seasons and had several crossovers with popular DC Animated Universe characters such as Green Lantern, Batman, and Superman.


    The announcement that he’ll be getting a live-action series came as part of a larger slate of adaptation announcements, including a series based on the Critters movie franchise, a new animated Justice League project, and a live-action Mortal Kombat project that should coincide with the release of the Mortal Kombat X video game.  You won’t see these shows on “regular television”, unfortunately.  The series are all being ordered through their revamped digital “Blue Ribbon Content” division.  It’s not impossible, however, that they’ll make it to television some day.


    Stephen Monteith is forced to admit that he’s never actually seen an episode of Static Shock, though he did see his appearances on Justice League Unlimited.  You can buy his original fiction at

  • Is DC Hiring a Horror Director?

    jameswan (image credit - Wan may have recently wrapped filming on Fast & Furious 7, the latest installment of the popular action series, but his roots are in horror.  He’s written, produced, and/or directed some of the most iconic modern horror movies, including Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring.  With that kind of résumé, it’s difficult to imagine which of DC’s upcoming films Warner Bros. would want him to direct.  And yet, according to We Got This Covered, he’s wanted for “an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros or DC”.


    It’s a vague and very nonspecific announcement, and that conspicuous “or” means it doesn’t have to be a DC film.  On the other hand, if it is, then it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the movies announced recently.  As you may have noticed, neither Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s adaptation of The Sandman nor Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark project were even mentioned in the slate of DC movies.  If we accept Neil Gaiman’s explanation, that Sandman is Vertigo and not really DC, then that leaves us a whole host of possibilities for Wan’s film.  Yes, he could be directing his FF7 star Dwayne Johnson in Shazam!, or he could be adapting 100 Bullets or Animal Man or even one of the characters who would build towards JL DarkDeadman seems like the perfect candidate, in that case.  What do you think?


    Stephen Monteith thinks a horror-themed movie is just what DC needs to “change the game”; one of the things it needs, at least.  You can read his original fiction at

  • Sharknado 3: Yes, Really

    Sharknado (image credit -’s my proposed title for the unbelievable third installment in what has become a TV movie phenomenon unheard of since The Death of the Incredible Hulk.  Syfy has always made their bones with cheesy “Original Movies” about giant, mutant, and/or mythical monsters, and they’ve always been at their best when they’ve embraced the cheesiness of it all.  Zod knows they wouldn’t be able to bank on winning any special effects awards.  Still, it shocked everyone and surprised no one when 2013’s Sharknado got a sequel this last summer called, cleverly enough, Sharknado 2: The Second One.  I’m not kidding, I think that’s pretty clever, in the same satirical way this mini-franchise has been poking fun at the whole mini-genre Syfy has originated.


    That’s why I think, when the third movie is released at some point in 2015, it should be called Sharknado 3: Yes, Really.  They already have a tagline, “Feast Coast”, which is in keeping with the spirit of the first movie’s tagline, “Enough Said”.  (They really know how to put the “fun” in functional.)  The target of this new weather-themed monster movie will be nearly the entire eastern coast of the United States, from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, FL.  As someone who lives in Virginia Beach, VA, and therefore directly in the path of this unnatural disaster, I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open for any flying fish, CG or otherwise.


    Stephen Monteith would love to be smart enough to come up with something as stupid as Sharknado.  Until he reaches that height (or sinks to that depth), you can read his original fiction at

  • Zombie Month: The Flood

    This October is Zombie Month at Fourth-day Universe.  Each day, we’ll bring you a new example of these mostly creepy, sometimes charming creatures.  The third week is Alien Zombies, the kind where aliens hijack your body for themselves (which stretches the definition of “zombie”, I admit, but considering what we did with vampires… *shrugs*).  There are a lot of zombies in video games, even alien zombies, but my favorite is from the HALO series:  The Flood.


    Copy of HALO logo (image credit -


    HALO” refers to planet-sized rings in space that, in addition to being habitable, are also capable of destroying all sentient life in the universe.  Ironic, no?  They were built by the Forerunners, an extinct species that are now worshipped by a collective of religious aliens known as the Covenant.  In the video games, you fight the Covenant, but you also need to defend yourself against that which destroyed the Forerunners in the first place:  The Flood.


    Halo_Reach_The_Flood (image credit -


    (Okay, I promise to stop ending paragraphs like that.)  The Flood are a parasitic alien race that infect every sentient race they encounter.  They didn’t actually destroy the Forerunners; the Forerunners destroyed themselves and used their Haloes to destroy all sentient life in an attempt to starve the Flood out of existence.  100,000 years later, we can see that it didn’t work.  Still, it drives home two really big points:  One, the Flood are not sentient themselves, and two, they were enough of a threat to convince a hyper-advanced race that it was better for all life to end than for it to be absorbed by the Flood.  That certainly sounds like a zombie apocalypse to me.


    Stephen Monteith used to play Halo with his brothers all the time, until the family scattered to the winds.  Help fund a family reunion by buying his original fiction at

  • Zombie Month: Death Troopers

    deathtroopers (image credit - October is Zombie Month at Fourth-day Universe.  Each day, we’ll bring you a new example of these mostly creepy, sometimes charming creatures.  The third week is Alien Zombies, and wouldn’t you know it, we’re doing Star Trek and Star Wars in the same week.  Today’s zombies are from the Expanded Universe novel by Joe Schreiber, Death Troopers.


    If Disney ever wants to produce a horror movie as one of their standalone Star Wars films, then they’d do well to adapt Death Troopers.  Set before the events of A New Hope, the book tells of a zombie plague from onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer.  A prison barge named Purge finds the derelict Destroyer Vector and decides to send a crew aboard for spare parts.  Only half of the boarding party makes it back, though, and they bring the plague with them.  The book has plenty of zombie tropes in it, though the zombies themselves are distinct enough.  There’s a prequel called Red Harvest which explores the origins of the “outbreak”, there are enough surprises to keep you guessing, and DT even has a couple of characters that any Star Wars fan would recognize.


    Stephen Monteith spent most of his teen years reading Star Wars novels, though his progress has slowed in recent years.  You can read his own original fiction at

  • Jena Malone Is Playing Harley Quinn!

    sucker-punch-rocket-jena-malone (image credit -, I read an article yesterday by a writer/filmmaker who’s just a little annoyed by the overly-repetitious rumors about who “may” have been cast in upcoming comic book movies.  He certainly has a point.  I mean, I’ve seen rumors about Inception star Tom Hardy being cast as Doctor Strange, the X-Men villain Apocalypse, and a member of the Suicide Squad.  For those keeping score at home, that would have him working for three rival comic book movie studios.  All we need now is for a rumor to start about him being cast as Doc Ock, and we’ll have us a hambone (four strikes in a row, for those who don’t bowl).


    But, that’s not the rumor we’re here to discuss.  It’s this rumor that Sucker Punch actress Jena Malone has been cast as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s on again, off again henchman/girlfriend and sometime Suicide Squad member.  (Her affiliations are as erratic as her laughter, these days.)  Now, it’s confirmed that Malone will have a “mystery role” in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The prevailing theory is she’s playing Carrie Kelley, the “female Robin” from the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, on which BvS is said to be mainly based.  Well, we’ve gone over that, and while I stand by my theory that she’ll be Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl/Oracle, I wrote that before Warner Bros. “big plan” was unveiled.  And I simply can’t ignore the “evidence” this rumor presents.

  • Zombie Month: The Waters of Mars

    pp31497-eudoctor-who-affichesThis October is Zombie Month at Fourth-day Universe.  Each day, we’ll bring you a new example of these mostly creepy, sometimes charming creatures.  The third week is Alien Zombies, whether they’re risen by aliens or aliens have taken the body over from the inside, as is the case in one of the creepiest Doctor Who stories yet:  The Waters of Mars.


    We’re well into Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the time traveling alien who regenerates into a new form when he dies, known simply as the Doctor.  A couple of faces ago, he was played by David Tennant, one of the most beloved regenerations of the Doctor, certainly in the renewed series.  And one of his adventures took him to Mars at the sunset of a failed human attempt at colonization of the Red Planet.  You see, just because we can’t see any water on the surface doesn’t mean there aren’t large frozen reservoirs deep beneath the surface, and lying dormant in that frozen hell is life just waiting to burst forth once again.


    And boy, did it wake up cranky.

    And boy, did it wake up cranky.


    Upon encountering humans, the watery virus takes over their bodies, hoping to ride them off their dead rock and back to Earth, which is about 70% water.  There, it would be virtually impossible to keep it from hiding, spreading, and eventually conquering every living thing.  It’s an actual zombie apocalypse, though more of the alien invasion variety (but, we’re already counting that kind).  The Doctor warns the stranded astronauts that just one drop could mean disaster.




    Stephen Monteith has come close to cosplaying as the Tenth Doctor at conventions twice now, but he can never find the right suit.  Help fund his search by buying his original fiction at

  • Zombie Month: Plan 9 from Outer Space

    This October is Zombie Month at Fourth-day Universe.  Each day, we’ll bring you a new example of these mostly creepy, sometimes charming creatures.  The third week is Alien Zombies, which aliens may create to conquer the Earth or, in this case, to stop the Earth from destroying the universe.  Yes, friends, todays zombies come from the infamous Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space.




    This film is a testament to how screwed up humanity is, and I say that with as much affection for my fellow human beings as I can.  From its inception, the very people who worked on the film wanted nothing to do with it.  For decades, it languished in Z-movie obscurity until one film critic uttered the magical incantation for raising a film out of obscurity.  Once Michael Medved called it “the worst film ever made”, those impossible-to-ignore words guaranteed that it would forever dwell in the hearts and minds of those who seek out the worst films of all time.  The Room, Manos: The Hands of Fate, Batman & Robin; it’s as if being considered the worst is just as good as being considered the best.


    Transformers-4-Age-of-Extinction-Optimus-Prime-Poster (image credit -

    Which would explain why these movies keep making so much money.


    But, I digress.  Plan 9 is about a world, supposedly our world, that is so jaded and unfazed by the site of flying saucers that it takes zombies to get our attention.  Aliens want to stop us from “stumbling” onto a bomb so powerful it could destroy the universe, but apparently no one on Earth is at all interested in hearing anything these aliens have to say, or even in acknowledging their existence.  So, they decide to bring the dead back to life to conquer the Earth and stop us from destroying the universe. (*sighs* Wow.  Just typing all that really wore me out.) This movie is profoundly stupid, and I don’t say that lightly.  I can’t even bear the thought of watching it without the RiffTrax commentary to ease the pain.  And, again, it’s because my fellow humans seek out awfulness that awfulness continues to be made.  It’s actually okay to be an Ed Wood or an Uwe Boll or a Michael Bay in this world, because their films are just as sought after as anything by Christopher Nolan or Stanley Kubrick or Darren Aronofsky.


    But, I digress again.  There are zombies in this movie, they’re brought back from the dead by alien technology, and that makes them “Science Zombies”, but only as long as the electrode gun is in good working order.  And, since the aliens apparently gave up after one try, it never became a full-on zombie apocalypse.  Who knows?  Maybe in that world, humanity did stumble onto the dreaded universe-destroying bomb and every stupid person living in that universe was wiped out in fiery vengeance for being so stupid.


    Stephen Monteith is a firm proponent of the Don’t Feed the Bears philosophy of watching movies, and never watches “so bad it’s good” movies (unless there’s an accompanying RiffTrax).  You can buy his original fiction at

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